Google maps/earth

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google is the worlds leading search engine on the web but in recent years bought something new to the table, google maps, and earth allowing you to get directions on the screen, say to go from London to Coventry door to door, by inputing the address ect.. you can get a plotted out plan of how to get to where you want to go. with an option of viewing it by satellite, basic plan or even now at road level, as if you were standing in the street, this opening up even more possibilities.

, google_earth_1


for films this can come in handy, in some films the go from space the atmosphere of earth and zoom in to whether it be america, europe, australia, then to a town and to a housing block(example) i saw this in a film recently Burnt after Reading. it zoomes all the way into the CIA headquarters “Langly” untill it gets to the roof, and its switches to a camera shot going from top of the hall way to the floor and following a man as he walks, (his shoes)



This technology allows us to set the place and scene of what we are filming, like an establishing shot but instead of showing your in london United Kingdom, it widens the rang and shows you even though its commen sense, that its on planet earth, and showing you also where the continent is for those who aren’t to great a geography.


year 2 media production 1 km walk

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we were asked for a moke assignment to go out on a 1km walk in a pre thought direction and stop every 100 m and take either pictures, viedoa/sound recordings, pick up bits and peices we found on the way like litter. 

i firstly did my walk from half way from my house to the town centre, but i put all the images togeather and i found its pretty boaring and dull, and not telling a story very well, so in lectures we were told it can be comparing different places at different times of day like a subway is ok during the day but at night you might be a bit more weary, of a group of people ect… so i though i would pick up on that and do the walk from my house to the local student pub the aardvark at night around 9.00/10.00 to see how it makes me feel, if it is any different to if i was doing it in the day or at night


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Macromedia flash now owned by adobe.

flash is a industry standared animation softwear program that allows you to animate a wide range of things from a bouncing ball to a flying bee to a word to a logo. but also you can animate a slideshow. at first its a hard program to come to terms with, its not to everyones liking. but it has a similar layout to any program created by adobe. it consists of plurial layers on a time line and on these layers you give it instruction, and actions so it knows what to do.

for instance making a ball move from one side of the page to the other. you creat a ball on frame 1 of your time line. witch has a key fram on it. you then on fram 15 or 30 or 90 depending what you want. creat another key fram after having moved the ball to teh other side of teh page. you creat a motion tween this tells the ball to move. after witch you have created a simple animation.

to creat a slideshow is handy to because you can incoporate them onto websites avdertising somthing or merely demonstration a series of images and displaying them. you can add buttons on Flash so u can tell the slideshow to go foward or back. and u can also fade them in and out. this is a fairly simle task as long as you know what your doing. the best is to download tutorial from the web or watch tutorials off youtube and other sites.

flashicon1Flash logo

Youtube and Top of the pops

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Top of the pops TOTP was an english TV show. that aired once a week showing live acts and the UK Top 20 music chart for that week

It launched in 1 January 1964 showing on a weekly bases have broadcast over 2200 shows becoming one of teh tings to watch for many famillies during its heyday it attracted 15 million viewers.

But why did this great show close down, why did the BBC stop producting them?

was it the fact that the UK no longwer wanted to watch it?

The British people no longer like music?

no its because in 2006 the tecnologie of accessing music had changed and advanced since the 60,70 ,80’s and that its viewing ratings were not strong enough to keep teh weekly show going.

this is disputable, but it fell and others rose, TMF. and other music channels, the only diffrence is that its not live, but still offering the audience the uk top 20 or even 40. and most selcted videos of the week/day. but also a dominant factor is the monster of Youtube. a massiv websit that started with just a few hundred videos but now full of music videos from all over the world. so us the viewers can access it when ever we choose and dont have to wait for a program to play the song we love so much. but you tube goes further that than its a web 2.0 site so the public can add videos themselves as long as you have an account and dont display unauthorized content such as copywrite. one of the popular videos today on the site

presently though there is a lot of issuse going on about the copyright property of record labels and that youtube are playing them, and record labels want paying and that users can creat a playlite and download it with is enfringing the copyrite laws that are in place. so recently many music videos are appearing to be unavailable and a message above the usual video streaming place is a pop up message stating. “this video is not able to play in your country”


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A web 2.0 internet sit, were you can talk to you friends leave them messages add you favourit musics, customize your display page, add images and tag people in them. giving them titles. but it is also used to premote media. for instance Lilly Allen has here own Facebook site and this is ment to be here replying to posts and so on, but she has a team of people doing it on here behalf, but the public will beleive anything with in reason and a singer have a Facebook account like so many other peopl ein teh world is perfectly belivable. 

This is a very effective tool to promote up coming gigs and live shows that she has booked in the future monthes and allowes the audience/publice to feel conected to a singer or actor by looking and finding out information about them. it is also offenly used to premote it on chat shows like Friday night with jonathan Ross. or Paul O’grady where start at interviewed and just before they leave the stage or go off to peform for the live audience, thay mention there forthcoming album/Single/DVD and so on. saying its release date and that you can also check it out on my Facebook site or Myspace at ………………………………………..

The power of photshop

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A very usfull program used for intertainment, plesure, hobbies, but also used to make images to the public look better or worse?

the video on youtube of how long it takes to make Britney Spears look good

This is all to do with the media, its to increse sales and profit its been chosen by the record laybel to make her look good even though she is a bit over her usual weight.

But Photoshop can also be used as a Weapon  ak-47

I America a young boy playing around with photoshop learning new skills made some humoures pictures of a character off sesami street and ben ladrin. this was fine if it was just to show his friends but he published them on the World wide web. were it was the used in an anti propaganda campain against the USA saying that they disrespected ben lardin and all other types of  racial issuse were intailed. like religion, race, beleifs…



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Zavvi a multi media store, selling CD’s DVD’s posters, Computer games, IPOds, Mp3 PLayers and many more. went into administration on Chrismat eve the 24th of december 2008, it had been struggling to keep on top of thing and the Credit crunch making it everly more difficult for the company to get itself out of  the rabbit hole it was falloing into. its down fall was mainly because it was attempting to find cheaper suppliers, but unable to secure reliable sources it’s working capital fell substantially and when the quarterly rent was due in a heffty 13 million pounds for its 125 stores in the Uk and it’s 11 in the Republic of Irland

zavvi Zavvi Logo

After the companies network closure ,nation wide and in Irland it’s only main competitor HMV  that offered the same services stock chares went up in price and it’s now the leading store in the UK of its kind.

hmvHMV logo

Also other companies traiding in the same products but by different means, there stock rose to. for instance the on line  retailer stock rose by an astonishing 27 % over the Christmas priod. Woolworths. GAME. Argos stock also rose.

but even this wasn’t enought to ensure the futur of all these retailers, the Credit Crunch has managed to claim another companies to its cause. Woolworths.